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About Me

Hello, dear visitor!
I’m Denitsa Petkova, also known as Denny. I started as freelance illustrator and currently working the mobile game industry. Art is my passion and I draw almost all the time every day. English is not my native language so, please excuse any engrish you come across. If you are interested in commissioning me or have a project in mind, you can email me at ddp (at) I might be available!
You can also find me on 

Thank you for stopping by!

Who is L?

Gage L. Stone is my comic editor. You have to thank him for any of the characters’ funny accents! He edits my word bubbles making sure that all makes sense and the characters’ speech pattern remains consistent. He is also the guy I often go to whenever something in wordpress breaks. ^_^;;

About FanFyria

FanFyria was a long term project of mine which went under many edits and eventually it is what it is now. A lot of the events in the comic have been inspired by real life moments of my life. I tried to get inspiration from the smallest things around me, people, objects, concepts, ideas – anything! . FanFyria was my fist big comic and I learned a lot as I drew it… and hopefully keep on learning! Hopefully it will be inspiring and fun to you too!

Now that the FanFyria 1 is completed, you can check this Thank You Video for some additional information.
Now onto FanFyria 2!




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