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Status: On going
Updated on: Mondays and Thursdays

Denny returns to FanFyria for new adventures! Grumps takes her to The Magic Academy to blow off steam from real life school stress, but Denny just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. It doesn’t take much time to turn her vacation into another dangerous undertaking.

Chapter 1 – 21 pages
Chapter 2 – On going


Status: Completed!

It all started when she imagined an anvil over the wrong head. Moments later, Denny entered a world where the inspirations and ideas of humans come to life. FanFyria is one human discovering just what it is to be a creator in a world of imagination.

Chapter 1 – 18 pages
Chapter 2 – 18 pages
Chapter 3 – 29 pages
Chapter 4 – 37 pages
Chapter 5 – 31 pages
Chapter 6 – 31 pages
Chapter 7 – 57 pages


Status: Updated on Fridays

Crushed is a short, comical story centered on the characters from the novel Over Blue Horizon.
Charmed is a short story centered on Voice, a peppy witch who encountered the infamous Winter Incubus. The story is not related to FanFyria’s world.

Crushed – 4 pages
Charmed – 22 pages