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Happy New Year everyone (who still checks here ^^;; ) ! I’m being cheap bum and recycle art (okay maybe not 2 years, just one and a half?) to announce that … I’m just fixing the cover now and FanFyria 1 should be ready to publish! Additional 8 pages of extended ending to wrap things up and maybe a thing or two more. ^_^/
2015 was terrible year for me but I kicked myself during the holiday vacation to finish editing all pages of FF1 and… here we go! Almost there!

Nice thing about an RSS feed is that something’s always keeping track for me :). Congratulations on pushing through! I know how hard it is to keep the momentum up on a multi-year project that isn’t giving you a lot of positive external feedback as you go. Good job sticking with it! And Onward! (<– my real point: more stuff for me!!! :) ).

It took me a good long while to figure out what this RSS feed is and how to add it! ^_^;; At this day and age, it’s shame to be a tech cripple!
Many thanks! And thank you for stopping by! I’m at huge fault for failing to keep up with updates, sketches, doodles, anything really! I’m still debating on “Then what?” XD; do I resume FF2 or start something new… I keep flip-flopping between ideas and what can actually work with my schedule… I will figure something out! Onward indeed!!

Well.. nearly two months later, I still wait to see a test print of my comic. The joys of living in the middle of nowhere. >_>;;
I don’t want to put something for sale before I see a copy myself.

Well, quality assurance is a good idea. Don’t worry! We’re still here for you!

People still visit! ;_;!! Happy tears to my eyes!
I’m still in the process of setting it up for sale on Indyplanet which apparently was the best choice for distribution. I got a copy, AT LAST! (3 months later…) However, the cover hardly has the colors I was aiming at so, I had to re-upload it. Hopefully it’s all set now. ^^; Fingers crossed for good news soon!
Much love to you all!

Ah jeez…wel, little update from my end is – I put the comic on IndyPlanet but apparently it takes a while to get approved for sale. So, it’s more wait game for me.
I want to continue with other comic projects once FanFyria is up tho’ ^^;

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