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It …took 4 months to set this…;_; I hope all works right but, hurrah! It is up!!

I will place proper buy button somewhere on the site asap.
And yes 230 pages! A much requested extended ending to hopefully bring a smile to anyone who reads it! ^_^/

Again, I can’t thank you enough for the support and sticking with me through the years, despite the long pauses. Like, terribly long pauses! Such long pauses I actually was hesitant how to make an update here, ahem… ^_^;;
But no, I’m not dead yet and this place will likely get a make over in the next month or so with another story to open pages.

Wahh! The comics still alive!!! I’m so happy it still alive and Sis Den still working on it /o/! I’m still lurking in here anyway :3. Go Sis Den /* ‘w’ /*

PS: Why no one is on the forum? @_@ *thrown out*

There’s a forum ? O_o

Used to be! I don’t think they are active anymore. ^_^;;
We used to RP using the FanFyria setting there and do little plot lines. I led about 4 episodes there I believe. But then other things took priority in my life and I had to leave it.

You should promote more the forum through the website interface. This way, people will notice the forum and start talking there

I did ask if people were interested in forums way, way back though they seemed okay with just replies here. ^_^;;
I’m no longer visiting the forums so it may seem pointless at this stage. I could install new ones on my site exclusively for Fanfyria or any next comic project if visitors are interested.

You should. Sure people will say comments are ok, until you present them better tools. Then, some will stick to comments, while others will start the forum you present them, and things will get growing.

You can’t expect a forum to buzz on its own, just you can’t expect the entire N.Y. City to know there’s a new ice cream shop down a specific street corner without actually letting them know. It does not have to be you directly making ads (though it does help) but if your forum is accessible loud and clear from your website, people that come to your website will see your forum and thus your website will bring people for your forum. A news from time to time helps to.

“Denny Draws” is no longer a fun experiment in your garage, it’s a website with a community. The more lively you keep it, the more people will be active on it, and the more energy they will naturally send to you, giving you the incentive you need to go forward. Maybe you should keep a spot on your daily or weekly schedule for it rather than drawing or storytelling, just like i’m sure you have spots for more “real life” stuff here and there. ;)

You are very, -very- right on that! I mean, people still visit here after a year of inactivity from my part. ^^;; And I’ve been enjoying bit more free time as of recent after I dropped some side projects.
I will dedicated this weekend to work on whipping up some forums and update this place a bit. Some icons are so outdated, it hurts. XD;
I admit I guilty stirring people’s attention when I have nothing new to show regarding comic work. It’s partly why I’ve been so quiet. ^_^;;; but maybe I can share sketches and concept works from FanFyria on the forums among other things and just have a place to chat, interact, share stuff.

Of course installing bbphp is never a cake walk despite how it looks. Fix one thing and break two others. Struggling to get themes to work at the moment. ;_;

PHPBB ? I would not recommend that one, if you intend to install a pack to host your own forum. SMF is far more powerful and modern for the same cheap price of FREE ;)

Hmm, I’m not sure if my host has option to install that one, I will see! I’ve always went with PHPBB before but… after finally getting phpbb3 installed/upgraded/whatever that was, now I have issues with the styles. I can’t seem to be able to put any custom theme to it. I followed instructions, read about, a lot of people seems to have the same issue and no solutions. x_x

Is the comment system working again ? xD

As i have been trying to reply, PHPBB’s issue is having to do everything by tampering with inner code manually to get a functionnality that is not natively present (and boy are there many of them), where SMF you can simple, through the forum interface, install packages.

Same goes for styles, image packs, etc… And yet SMF is just as free as PHPBB. ;)

As for the name, do we really need a fancy name ? It’s the FanFyria forum, or the Denny Draws forum, after all. ;)
What we’ll really need is a noticeable link from the main website interface to go to the forum. ;)

Alive for the most part. ^_^/ Happy to see you too Azure!
Sadly I no longer maintain Muse Gate or visit it as other things have got priorities in my life at the moment.
I slowly work on a new comic to start here. Sadly my inspiration for FanFyria had dimmed after I finished the first comic. ;_; I don’t know when I will resume FanFyria 2. I just don’t find enough energy anymore.

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